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  • Guaranteed Asset protection
  • Total Loss Protection
  • Simoniz
  • Etch/Data Dots

  • Excess wear and tear
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Pre Paid Maintenance
  • Bundle Programs
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  • Key Replacement

Financing F&I Products

At Total Automotive Solutions we understand the difficulty in selling products when the banks won’t allow any more money on a finance deal and when customers come in with a cashiers check. This is why we have enrolled in a financing program through Line 5 and what this does is allow you to finance any product (except GAP) up to 84 months and with $0.00 dollars down! This is a big selling point to your customers because it allows them to protect their vehicle with your F&I products.

Vehicle Service Contracts
It is important to all types of dealerships to maintain focus on customer satisfaction levels, and choosing the right service contract has proved to be an integral part of the process. Service Contracts offered by TAS offer a quality of service and profitability like no other in the industry while delivering hassle free coverage. Programs are available for all types of dealerships, and include coverage’s specific to service drive sales in an effort to attain maximum sales results over a broad base of consumer contact.

High Tech Vehicle Service Contract

Manufacturers are coming out with extended terms for their manufacturers warranty and we realize that the likely hood of your engine or transmission failing is becoming less prevalent. This is why we have a unique product that covers your high tech items found in your vehicle ranging from your navigation screen to your adaptive cruise control we have you covered. This program was designed by F&I managers for F&I managers.  

Limited Warranty

Build additional value on your inventory and create a market advantage. Flexible terms are available, with highly customizable program specifics and custom branding available. Wealth building options, including reinsurance, come standard.  

Planned Maintenance

Build customer loyalty and showroom traffic with this unique Planned Maintenance program. You build the program; everything from sales gross, to services included, and reimbursement rates are customized by you, the Dealer. All materials are branded with your dealership information and logo, including the membership card. Included in the program are service reminder postcards and the ability to have your service staff or BDC generate phone lists to contact customers that are due for service. Also, unlike other programs, ALL unconsumed resources plus investment income come back to you, the Dealer!  

Gap Protection 

GAP protection has become an important product in today’s F&I Office. With consumers borrowing more than ever before, and for longer terms, GAP Protection takes the sting out of a big loss for both the customer and lender. Penetrations continue to grow, as do sales profits. TAS makes certain you have the product you need and the financial strength it takes to handle big risks. TAS offers GAP Protection to 84 month terms while covering 150% of MSRP.  

Tire & Wheel

Tire and Wheel coverage is a natural supplement to the service contract sales scenario. Terms to seven years, no deductible, unlimited mileage, and complete replacement are important factors in a positive sales environment. With the addition of alloy wheel ‘cosmetic repair’ coverage, this product is a must have in today’s F&I Office. All backed by an ‘A’ rated insurance company. 

Windshield Repair / Replacement

The windshield program covers chips and cracks that occur from rocks or debris that hit the windshield. If the windshield cannot be repaired then it will be replaced with an aggregate of $2,000 for all claims filed during the term of the policy. 

Anti- Theft

The TAS Program allows the Dealer to select both the marking system and consumer benefit contained in the registration. Two marking systems, traditional window etching and a 6-point body marking system by 3M, are available, with benefits up to $5,000. Both are etch products and the consistent sales approach of the UDS AutoMenu® ensures profitability.

Key Replacement

Today’s automotive keys do much more than start a vehicle. They are typically a ‘micro-computer’ responsible for remote locking systems, remote start capability, trunk and window operation – and they are expensive to repair or replace, often exceeding several hundred dollars. The TAS Key Replacement program offers key replacement, with no deductible, should the consumer lose their keys, or they become damaged and inoperable. Additionally, this valuable protection comes with standard roadside services.

Total Loss Protection 

Total Loss is a program designed to have the customer return if their vehicle is deemed a total loss. This protection policy ensures the customer of a benefit of either $2,500 or $5,000 that can be used toward a new or used vehicle at your dealership.

Lease Wear & Tear
Having a quality program to offer your lease customers can mean the difference between achieving, or not achieving, your ‘Per Retail Unit’ goal. TAS offers a competitive program available on vehicles up to $150k MSRP. Scratches, dents, stains, tires, and more are all covered up to $5,000 – with a $0 and $100 deductible option to choose from. 

Environmental Protection-Simoniz
TAS is proud to offer Simoniz Proselect; proselect consists of Glass coat that protects the exterior of the vehicle from environmental hazards like acid rain, bird dropping, hard water etching, road paint, and even road salt. Glass coat also protects the interior of the vehicle from ANY consumable food, crayons, makeup, clothing dyes, blood, vomit, and feces. Next is Sanicheck, Sanicheck protects the vehicle from bacteria, viruses, and pet dander. This product was designed for hospital use to kill the MRSA virus and was further extended into the auto industry. Following Sanicheck is Alloy Wheel Pro, which is a cosmetic wheel repair. There is also Surface Pro, which is a paint less dent removal product. Finally is Vision Clear, Vision Clear keeps the front headlights from yellowing, fading, and fogging as well as allowing your windshield to stay perfectly visible in all weather conditions by giving your windshield a complete seal. Simoniz is the most highly advanced paint protection program in America, offering Lifetime on new vehicles, and 7 full years of fully insured protection on used vehicle. This unique exterior and interior protection provides long warranty protection against all the potential problems excluded by the manufacturer’s warranty and provides substitute transportation in the event of a loss. There is no deductible to the consumer and is not cancellable. The profit potential is HUGE!

Bundled Products
With today’s car buyer demanding a speedy transaction, it is no wonder that bundled, or combination, products have gained in popularity so quickly. The ability to roll multiple protection options into one contract has proven more efficient for F&I to present and more easily understood by the consumer, giving them the ability to make a favorable purchase decision. Bundled programs from TAS can include Key Replacement, Interior protection, Exterior Door Ding protection as well as Tire and Wheel coverage. Additionally, Roadside Assistance and Windshield Coverage are available in states that allow.

Paint less Dent Repair
PDR coverage continues to gain traction as a protection product, as consumers realize the benefits of having a ding-free vehicle come trade-in time. More importantly, Dealers across the country are realizing the profit potential on such a product. The TAS program offers unlimited protection for a lifetime on new vehicles with no deductible.