Dealership Insurance
Does your agent understand your Business & have your best interest in mind?
In today's Environment Dealers are looking to cut cost, and still provide high quality service for their employees and customers.
Insurance Agent
TAS has partner with Arthur J. Gallagher  to offer Property & Casualty insurance for Auto Dealerships. Gallagher works with Chubb Insurance, Amtrust, and Utica to provide our clients with superior coverage and service. We currently service over 100 dealerships in NJ and Pa.
If your tried of getting one increase after another, you need to call us and let us show you how we can service your account.
Insurance Consultant
TAS will analyze your current policies to determine what coverage’s you have in place.  During the proposal process, we help the owner identify any coverage deficiencies, explore acceptable risk retention levels: and structure coverage specifications for the Dealership.  TAS, then manages the entire bid process, with the owner making the final selection.
Health Insurance

TAS works with all of the large and medium size Health Care Providers.  Depending on your size, and where your employees live, will determine which provider can best service your employees. 

Some of the carries TAS works with include, United Health Care, Aetna, Oxford, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and health Net.
Workers Compensation Insurance

TAS has partner with Arthur J. Gallagher, and NJ Car to offer Workers Compensation Insurance to Auto Dealerships. We also work with the following carriers Hartford, Amtrust, AmeriHealth, Travelers, Amerisafe, National Liability & Fire, RTW.